Do you offer refunds if a player is injured and cannot play for a part of or all of the remaining season?

Any player accepting a roster spot on an Jackals team is liable for the full fee amount, regardless of injury or withdrawal.

What assistance does Jackals Field Hockey offer in the college recruiting process?

Jackals provides recruiting support in a number of ways, over the course of an athlete’s high school career.  Assistance includes:  information sessions for players and parents, preparing for the initial recruiting season and ongoing, developing athletic resume, submitting recruiting forms, and appropriate process for corresponding with coaches.  Jackals contacts and responds to college coaches on behalf of players, and maintains a shared database of recruiting activity for each player.   Jackals Director of Recruiting, Jenna Ries has over 15 years of proven success in player development and recruiting.  She will guide our players through the process of identifying opportunities to play college Field Hockey.

What is your philosophy on playing time?
Our coaches are asked to achieve the dual goal of showcasing players and winning. The club’s goal is to provide players with balanced playing time in every game. Every player that makes a Jackals team has earned the right to play in every game and no player in good standing will be held out of any game. However, playing time can be positively or negatively impacted based on the player’s attitude, attendance, effort, and coachability. In championship (advancing) format tournaments, once a team has made the playoffs, coaches have the option to field specific players for longer periods of time. This may significantly impact the playing time for some players. However, every effort will be made to ensure that players in good standing will have an opportunity to play in each game.